Hello everyone. GUESS WHAT?!


the last one where anything new happens until I am 65. I am 21 today! and while all you Americans who read accidentally end up on my blog are thinking "man, she is going to get so wasted today", SURPRISE! I'm Canadian and therefore have been of legal drinking age for two years today. HAH! take that USA.

Being 21 is actually awesome though because I was supposed to go to New York in April, but the trip has been postponed for a year (immense disappointment ).

I have been wanting a leather Roots purse for about... four years. For those of you who aren't thoroughbred Canadians, you're thinking "What the fuck is roots." Roots is one of the most pervasive Canadian brands and make AWESOME LEATHER BAGS!



So, I decided to natural dye and hand knit conceptual sweaters based on memories. A girl in my class said I wouldn't get it done, so I took it as a personal challenge. Here is a picture of the yarns i have spun as of today and the knitting in the back! yeesh! I am done all my dye work, I just need to spin more white... a lot more white.

The brown ball in the front is actually green, weird how the photo blew it out.

I am not feeling 100% today so I am knitting and watching Spirited Away, Yeehaw! my birthday is on Saturday and I don't want a cold or flu for then!

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Solvie, FFF Fun

Hello friends.

What is solvie? Solvie is awesome. Its a plastic bag type of stuff that was originally used for soiled linens so only one set of hands would have to touch it, because it dissolves when it touches water (so you'd throw the whole bag in the washer and then not have to deal with it after)

Once creative people got a hold of it, they realized that you can sew stuff onto it, and when you dissolve it you have (drumroll) LACE!

This is silk organza and thread. That's it!!!!

My whole class has realized solvie is made out of glue. So, if you want stiffness, you rinse it a little. If you want smoothness, you rinse it a lot!

Wearable Art Show 2011 and 2012

Wearable Art Show 2012 was last Saturday (March 10th) and here I am modelling for Pamela Stone and Sarah Colette

I never received my studio photos from Wearable Art Show 2011, and here they are! There was a mix up and I never received the link to where they were! These are designed by me, Shot by Alex Chisholm (May not be modified, resold, syndicated, and/or published in print or any electronic media without written permission of the creator Alexander Chisholm). The models are Angela Glanzmann in pink and Natasha Rider in purple.

Wearable Art Show 2012

For those of you who are in Halifax, Come out tonight and check out NSCAD's Wearable Art Show at the Halifax Forum. I will be modelling for Pam Stone!


According to all of my stats, capsule wardrobes are everyone's favorite thing on this blog so I thought I'd compile mine all onto one page for you!

I had a summer one, but being canadian I felt like it might not contain the best advice. So instead I threw in a winter outfit.

Intermediate Fiber Fabric Fashion: Needlefelting and Crochet

This is another project for Fiber Fabric Fashion, it involved a felted sweater (aka wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer until it shrinks) and then needle felting into it and crochet. This project was a struggle for me to combine the felting and crochet in a way that made sense, I ended up ripping and cutting up half of what i did the night before out of frustration and it ended up somewhat backless....

I'm not satisfied with it, i should have done two different pieces, one for crochet, one for felting.