Intro Resist Dye Final

I have mixed feelings about my final. some pieces i am very pleased with, others... not so much. my project is based on tropical fruit. i should be pleased with what i achieved through the lack of sleep and such.. but i still want to redo the dragon fruit one. 

Dragon Fruit

I have mixed feelings about how these turned out... they were supposed to be the main part of my project but I am not as pleased with them. I didn't have time to redo them because they are quite large. They are Pro Mx Application Dye on Unbleached Cotton.

Star Apple

These colours are the correct ones in real life, the camera tends to distort them a bit. Anyhow, they are wool with acid dye of the two main colours of the star apple. I like how these turned out. 

Blood Orange

I am very pleased as to how this one turned out! The process to create the first one was extensive.... i dyed it approximately four times. My only wish is that these pieces are larger, they are about a quarter of a meter.

Fiber Fabric Fashion Final

so, I AM DONE! yay, hurrah! i'll be posting some more final projects in the next few days. This is my Fiber Fabric Fashion final project photoshoot. My project was to combine some of our other projects, and i used heat setting polyester and the cut and wrap project. I heat set pleats into polyester, and added buttons and buttonholes to the rectangular piece of fabric. you can button them and change them to create a coat. or whatever you want.... i was picturing a coat. It was inspired by a coat my prof has (when i remember the designer's name i'll put it up). so here they areeee

ps: excuse the weird faces, i am talking during most of them.

Fashion Construction

Here is the rest of my work from fashion construction. all of these things are made for me, that's why the proportions might look wonky, i am a short person. I am going to take better pictures in the future, my friend offered to take some, so these are just for now!

for the pants or skirt project, i decided to make jeans. i have no idea what i was thinking, but here they are! they have flat felled seams though basically the whole thing... and the seams are not so great on the legs, but besides that, they turned out not bad. i will probably make them into knee length shorts.

this is a flannel shirt/dress thing. my original idea was for it too look more like a dress and less like a nighty, but things happen. i think if i dressed it the right way it would look fine. This one was more about getting everything right technically, all the seams are done with bias tape. 
close up of my plaquette, i am impossibly proud of that thing, they are difficult.

this is my final project, my outerware project. this is a wool winter coat with a removable hood. i dyed the wool myself. the inside is quilted batting so the coat is warm. the hood attaches with snaps. yeah!!!! i'll put up better pictures of this baby in the future.