Fashion Drawings at Last!

I took some initiative and FINALLLLLYYYY took a bunch of fashion drawing pictures. none of them are really fantastic in any way to be honest.... i am better at rendering than fashion drawing i've decided.

this is the difference between a 7-8 head figure (normal human) and the inhuman 9 headed fashion figure (its all in the legs)

some studies of poses 
silouettes from live model
stiff looking pencil drawings
silouette studies (the bottom one are blind contours cut out of sunglasses)

from here down are when i had to do 250 sketches in 2 weeks.... quantity over quality. five series of 50 themed drawings. the hilights

lights hitting wet streets


The Garden Party

Flowers (literal)

A Series of Unfortunate Events

i've done some more since this but this is all i photographed!

this summer i am going to make myself photograph in detail a lot of my projects on a nice background and stuff!

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