AND finally something i am working on!

SO i know i have been basically on blog vacation. A lot of shit has gone down involving unemployment, employment, unemployment, employment, comission, robbery, illness, etc.

basically, shit went down.

HERE I AM AGAIN with things i am doing!

i've been doodling like nuts again, and have been playing around with line ideas just for fun.

so for those who don't remember or didn't follow me then, i made this really weird plastic dress for my Fiber Fabric Fashion conceptual plastic class when we had to make a dress out of material that wasn't actually fabric or purchased. so i went plastic bag and hot glue gun crazy. there is even a zipper in that bad boy. Also, we had to emphasis something about ourselves, hense the hood (i am a shortay).

Here are some reminder pictures AND this links to the original post about it.

you have no idea how much hot glue and masking tape was used in the creation of this. 

so, i have been wanting to try this with fabric and would start and just give up. but lately i have been playing with an idea of a line based on this. so here are some sketches my friends! 

 this is my current sketchbook. I want to reproduce with it and have shiny textile babies



red pen, always classy 

fabric ideas, messy writing 

eh, just some ideas floatin' around guys.

all photos are original to Katrina Craig. Please give credit (linkback, url, name, whatever) if used and do not use for money making endeavors without permission. thanks guys!

Summer Boho

Summer Boho

Summer Boho by trina_craig featuring tan handbags

Trying to pull of this look without it looking like a costume is a challenge. I love how carefree it looks (you could do a cartwheel in this getup!). I tried to keep it looking more chic and less hippie by ignoring my first instinct of cutoff shorts and instead going with cleaner cuffed ones instead. I adore the shoes, I think they are more fun than my original leather sandal idea, and keep the look a bit more modern.

sorry about the lack of real posts! i've been working on a silk dress, I swear! things are just going wrong with it!

Jen s Pirate Booty metallic top
$135 -

Blue shorts
€140 -

Tan handbag
$45 -

This May be the Perfect Basic Dress

This May be the Perfect Basic Dress

This May be the Perfect Basic Dress by trina_craig featuring hair bands accessories

I feel like this is the kind of dress I would buy on a whim because it was on sale (not THIS dress in particular, but one like it. This little number is two months of rent... who needs a roof over their head when they are fashionable?), and it would go into high rotation very quickly. The amount of combinations that i could make with this dress makes me so excited! 

Long sleeve dress
$1,125 -

Helmut Lang boat neck top
$395 -

Balmain wool blazer
2.350 EUR -

Zara safari jacket
$159 -

Casadei wedge sandals
$624 -

FOSSIL flat shoes
$60 -

Oasis leather flat
$41 -

G.O. Max slim shoes
$30 -

Red shoes
28 GBP -

Cross body handbag
$66 -

Cross body handbag
28 GBP -

Glitter wallet
$12 -

Wire jewelry

On the Beach

On the Beach

Dorothy Perkins white sun dress
35 GBP -

Seafolly one piece bathing suit
$142 -

Espadrille sandals
$50 -

Woolrich canvas tote
$39 -

Antik Batik tribal bracelet
$95 -

Jigsaw floppy hat
69 GBP -

Summer Simplicity

Summer Simplicity

Summer Simplicity by trina_craig featuring garnet jewelry

The simplicity of summer dressing always makes me want to go to a warmer climate, so i can throw on a dress and flats all the time, not just three months of the year

TopShop belted dress
$76 -

Luiza Barcelos flat shoes
$176 -

Zadig Voltaire shoulder strap bag
570 GBP -

Garnet jewelry
$100 -


So, I know how to spin wool. I learned at my job last summer and the summer before at a historic house where we had to wear costumes and give tours. Instead of dealing with mean tourists or messing up the cash register, i could sit below a window and picturesquely spin wool all day.

I am on the far right, wearing the big brown skirt and the white shirt. We have funny looks on our faces because it was 35 degrees Celsius and we felt like neath may be near. 

Miss Spinning Wheel

As you most likely know, i am in textiles. This is my spinning wheel i have in my apartment. I spin alpaca on it, but i don't really make anything out of them because i am an inexperienced knitter, and have no idea how to crochet .

Alpaca Yarn

I recall last summer someone showing me this strange contraption that allows you to knit when you have no idea what the hell you are doing. Its a circle with these pegs, and it allows you to make hats. 

photo is from, a blog just starting out about knitting with this strange thing

has anyone tried this thing? i thought i might make one myself..... i mean.... all it is is some pegs on a circular thing. We'll see. Does anyone know any sites to help people learn to knit?