Fabric Fiber Fashion Final, More Solvie Fun

So everyone, My winter semester is over. I've completed my third year of my bachelor of Fine Arts. I have two more to go, because I am taking a reduced course load.

This is my final project in FFF, and its made from solvie. Anyone who actually reads this thing with any kind of frequency will recognize the part around my face. Its my last project, and I made a coat to go with it. Its a collar/hood type of thing, made again entirely out of thread.

Solvie is plastic made of glue to make a plastic sheet. It was originally created to launder soiled linens so you could throw the whole bag into the washing machine and it would dissolve. If you sew into it and dissolve it, you can make textiles with it.

I made the coat by using the plastic on a dressmakers form to create the shape of the coat and sleeves and such. I sewed a gridwork into the coat with an industrial sewing machine, and then used a free motion food on a domestic sewing machine to sew the thicker white silk organza parts in. Then I dissolved it in my bathtub. It's the same process I used to make the coloured part.

Here it is

some of these were taken while I was talking