Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns. They're so rewarding to make and to see the negative space created by them. While it involves A LOT of tracing and painting with guache, it's worth it. I am taking a second year course in repeating patterns to have the time to do more of them, even though I learned the ropes in intro screeprinting.

A repeat made on the computer out of a photograph of a piece of fabric I dyed. It's available on Spoonflower (more to come!) and here it is in the fabric sample!

 Some ink and pencil studies

 A repeat painted with water colour (above)
colour ways of that pattern painted in guache (below)

working on making it digitally reproducible, still needs work!

 drawing leaves at varying states in the fall (above), the pencil and tracing paper all over repeat (below)

Slow Down

 I read the above article in a Vouge in 2007. I was 16 and I ripped it out of the magazine to save and its been around ever since. Right now its on the cork board above my desk, six years later.The article features Aleksandra Woroniecka, a Paris born stylist living in New York. 

She spoke about buying more, more, more! and realizing that most of the things she was buying weren't really "her" and how she still felt she had nothing to wear. She eventually cut down her wardrobe to these high end basics:

-a few stacks of striped matelot sweaters and tshirts
-six navy jackets of different shapes (Balenciaga, Charles Anastase)
-Ten pairs of dark lean jeans that can pass for pants
-Four bags (black Hermes Birkin, Balenciaga brown saddle leather, Chanel chain strap classics)
-a pile of ballet flats
-two pendants
-a ring that belonged to her mother

She admits this wardrobe isn't tiny, but its a uniform. It makes it easy to get dressed. By investing in better quality basics and getting them tailored if needed, you can buy cheaper or SECOND HAND "fun" pieces you won't wear as much and save a ton of money and time getting dressed. Below I showed this by having a few basics and mixing and matching them with some more "fun" pieces. The basics I used are as follows, you can pick whatever basics suit you. I also used black and white for ease of mixing, but many of my basics are a bit more fun. The basics I used are: blazer,oxford shirt, little black dress, cashmere sweater, flats, tailored shorts, tshirt, jeans.

Summer Project Time, Rolling Dunes

drying silk organza, dyed with madder and instant coffee (use what you have!)

Its summer project time! I am trying to imitate the rolling sand dunes in my home province of Prince Edward Island. I am using layered silk organza. I used a stitch resist to form wrinkles during the dye process which i am reinforcing with thread. This project doesn't have plans to become clothing, I am working a lot more on textile pieces and a lot less on clothing lately.

 I am working from memory but this is what the wind swept dunes look like

The translucency will allow you to see the sewn in folds on the layers below, showing the ever changing sandy dunes. We'll see how it turns out! i am going home tomorrow and hope to get some work done there on it! 

 the beginnings of sewing in the wrinkled folds
through the light