Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe by trina_craig featuring a dot dress

I recently went on my blog's stats, and found out that my most viewed entry ever was my capsule wardrobe. I thought i would do my summer capsule. I don't find summer particularly easy to dress for. The rest of the season i can get away with layering things to make it look like i can dress myself reasonably well, and that isn't really an option with the summer... unless you want to bake to death! Also, as a more rounded body shape, the heat makes it hard to find options that look good for my body type without being overheated all summer.

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Katrina's Summer Capsule Wardrobe
-Dresses are the best summer clothing! you can throw one on and some shoes and go to town! the two i have are my two favorite shapes of dresses for summer for my body type: the shirt dress and the shirred dress. i am fairly petite so the fitted part of shirred dresses hits at my waist.

-Tank Tops and T Shirts again.... i am hard on my t shirts and tank tops so i generally stick to pretty basic and neutral ones (navy, grey, white, black) that are easily replaced and buy more brightly coloured bottoms (such as skirts and shorts)

-Shorts. If you had talked to me a year ago i would have said shorts are evil, but last summer i found a pair that was mid length and made of cotton (dress pants material, not denim) and bought four different colours. 

-In Skirts i tend to stick to brighter coloured a-line skirts that hit the knee and go to my waist, and tuck one of my tank tops or t shirts into them... i know, fairly unoriginal

-I have a jacket i wear a lot in the summer, and this blazer vaguely resembles it. It is grey and has a great tie at the waist as well as buttons and three quarter length sleeves. It's fantastic for summer nights.

-Summer shoes are difficult for me, since i have bad knees i have to wear specific shoes, which sucks. Flip flops are out, but i can get away with Birkenstocks, and peep toe flats.

-Bags are great in the summer, i don't have to lug around backpacks all the time, so i can use some little cross body bags and clutches. I have a cross body bag that looks very similar to the one above, but considerably more beat up!

-Floppy hats are great to keep the sun away

-Bathing suits are frustrating. I don't own a bathing suit like this one, but this is what i want for one. 

-Accessories are more important in the summer because i can't rely on layers like i do during the year. I break out my big fun pendant collection. 

-a big slouchy bag is a fun alternative to the backpacks i drag around all year. i can throw my little purse inside if need be, along with a book and some sunscreen. 


  1. I adore the beautiful brown satchel! It is so adorable!


  2. love it !!!!