Ninety Nine Days In, More Photos

Here are the professional photos from the intermediate fashion show, all done by Alexandra Wright Halley Davies and Adrianne Mahon

The models in order are Erica Hopkins, Kristy Pitre and Lizane Tan.

They got washed out for some reason when I put them on here! the colours are a little bit brighter :)

Weaving Final

Hello friends,
I am posting about my weaving final now because they were christmas presents for friends and family!!!

My project was using the same warp (the strings going in one direction) and making the 4 scarves as different as I  could using the same colour. The original warp was for my family's scottish tartan, and I wove the tartan scarf and then three others.

Here are photos! I forgot close up photos of one of them, but there is a picture of it in the photo of them all together. The one that is missing is the upper right scarf below, it's oven with grey and textured stripes. I'll add it in when I see my friend who it was given to.

The pink scarf is also reversable. the arrow stripes on the back are the colour of the warp, instead of pink.