Devore Fabric/Screen Printing Midterm Part 1

I have finished the big part of my screenprinting mid term. This is my fabric, i have 15 ft (approx) of fabric, and i dyed it with cochineal (a type of beetle used to replace red dye 3 in lipsticks and food) and aluminum acetate, and then printed the designs on. I then applied the devore paste onto the fabric. when you heat set it, it breaks down the cotton where you place it. it only breaks down cotton, so most of the printing is intact, and i put polyester thread through it on the sewing machine to give it structure.

this is about 1/2  of the full meterage. 

 you can really see the threads i put back and forth on the fabric here. 
 most of the printing didn't break down
 sometimes its hard to tell what is background and what is fabric!

I spent approx 20 hours doing this fabric, lets hope I don't screw up the sewing!!!!
I am making a dress with it for the wearable art show AND my midterm.


  1. You better use normal devore and then use your creativity on that one instead of doing in this way. Because both the fabric and the print look messy to me. You think you do not use the print but I think its not very clear here. And the fabric looks like its been bitten by bugs..I am not even saying anything about the cheap looking polyester thread and the way its sawn...

  2. Sorry I wanted to mean, you think you do not loose the print.. (not use)