Developmental Drawing for Fashion Final

Oh, the bane of my existance. This project involved creating your fashion line to just before you would start to sew, and pitching it to the class. The line was for 2016. My predictions were quality over quantity, better quality fabrics and better clothing would be bought, and less of it. I also wanted organic silk and natural dyes to be used. These are some of my preliminary sketches for the line (out of order). We had to do 200 sketches.

Then we had to do mood boards for our project to show our inspiration. The six categories on my boards are: Traditional Dress Rome, Traditional Dress India, Modern Influences, Muse (who would wear my clothes), Texture and Accessories Inspiration, and Location and Setting. 

We also had to produce fabric samples. These are some crepe silk dye samples i dyed. 

Madder, Curry and Alum - Purple Logwood and Vinegar - Purple Logwood and Alum
Onion Skins - Spinach and Alum (its off white)  - Curry and Alum
Curry, Tea, and Alum  - Cochineal  -  Madder and Alum

So for the final part of the project i did sketches of the dresses. They can move and change, so for each set is one dress. 

YAY! i am thinking of making one of these dresses this summer, who knows?

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