Textiles for the Market Place

So, textiles for the marketplace teaches you how to make textiles and money at the same time.

our first semester project was to make products for a Gaelic historic village in Cape Breton for them to hypothetically sell at their gift shop.

I decided to naturally dye and spin yarn for sale, and here it is.

50g skeins, all hand spun and dyed with plant dyes. The furthest right was dyed with blueberries, furthest right with onion skins, and the center is them both plied together.

i am a spinning wheel addict so i am spinning MORE wool for my next project!

they are in my Etsy store! along with the shirts and capes from the fashion show (if anyone is interested... nudge nudge.... email me!)

FFF Knitting

We were taught the basic stitches of knitting: Knit, Purl, Stitch Increase and Stitch Decrease and told to play and make something for the body. I realized b accident that if you increase several stitches beside eachother you get holes.... and went with that. all of the holes in this piece are permanent and won't continue to unravel it. There was also a twist in the tube when i knit it, so i knit in between it to make it a permanent part in the piece.

Intermediate Fiber Fabric Fashion, Knit Fabric

So, the Fiber Fabric Fashion classes are among my favorite. They are a breath of fresh air because they require thinking instead of technique and are basically awesome to do. Here are the first two projects:

This project involved partner work, and this is Cheryl Ozon with me (she is on the left). We had cotton knit, and traced around eachother making a body sock, and then used all of the leftover fabric to decorate. We were told to play with body proportions, so we only have one sack for both legs and we are attached by the back. Cheryl made the half i am wearing and i made the half she is wearing.

The Coast in December

This was the article about the fashion show in The Coast in December, i forgot to put it up until now and didn't want to lose it forever. It was online as well as in print. (click to read). www.thecoast.ca