Screenprinting Midterm Part 2

So after I made the fabric from my last post, I made it into a dress, which i am planning on putting into the wearable art show. this dress went quite well, I don't think i even had to pull out the seam ripper. I thought I would have enough fabric for two dresses, but it turns out I had enough for one, and lots of scraps of pink fabric. Here it is:

Devore Fabric/Screen Printing Midterm Part 1

I have finished the big part of my screenprinting mid term. This is my fabric, i have 15 ft (approx) of fabric, and i dyed it with cochineal (a type of beetle used to replace red dye 3 in lipsticks and food) and aluminum acetate, and then printed the designs on. I then applied the devore paste onto the fabric. when you heat set it, it breaks down the cotton where you place it. it only breaks down cotton, so most of the printing is intact, and i put polyester thread through it on the sewing machine to give it structure.

this is about 1/2  of the full meterage. 

 you can really see the threads i put back and forth on the fabric here. 
 most of the printing didn't break down
 sometimes its hard to tell what is background and what is fabric!

I spent approx 20 hours doing this fabric, lets hope I don't screw up the sewing!!!!
I am making a dress with it for the wearable art show AND my midterm.
This post is about how to give credit to me if you use my images on anything on the internet. if you don't, its plagerism!

lets say you want to use this photo . If it has a watermark, feel free to use it as long as it stays on! If it doesn't, here are some examples of how to cite it:

option one: Photo Credit Katrina Craig,

option two: Photo Credit Katrina Craig

if i have cited my work as being someone elses, simply replace my name with their name and still put a link to my website (in this case i was emailed a photo and it does not have a direct source online).

Thank You!

Katrina Craig

Polyvore Fun: Capsule Wardrobe

 Having a closet of clothes that don't fit quite right, don't look quite right, and aren't quite the colours that suit you isn't going to do you much good. Its better to downsize and have a lot of basics and things that fit well with some fun things mixed in; getting dressed isn't so much of a hassle. A wardrobe of individual pieces and no basics will not work, as hard as you try to make it work. 

Know what your strong points are, and what your lifestyle is. Dress for your climate. If you walk everywhere, getting rid of all your flats collection and replacing them with heels is not going to work. If you work in an office, downsizing on how many suits and pencil skirts you own won't do much good either. Get rid of what you don't wear, what doesn't fit and what is worn out. If you haven't worn it in the last year, you likely won't wear it for the next year (obviously excluding things like you weren't in the country for a whole season, or pregnancy). 

If you choose to downsize and rebuild, donate your clothes to salvation army (you can get a voucher for discounts on purchases there in the future when you bring a big bag of clothes in, and reduces landfill waste). 

This is my ideal capsule wardrobe. I don't own all of these items, but similar things. The idea is that i could own ONLY these items for over a year and never have to buy anything new for anything my life would normally throw at me. (I haven't really included accessories excluding bags.)

How obvious is it that i live in Canada?

-A pair of medium wash jeans and a pair of dark wash jeans. I don’t often wear lighter wash jeans because they tend to add pounds and look more casual, darker jeans always look dressier.

-A tank top in a bright colour, and a long sleeve shirt, along with a black, grey, and white tshirt. When I think about the shirts I wear on a regular basis, these are the ones I wear.

-Two casual dresses for everyday wear

-One formal dress in a neutral colour

-A little black dress (semi formal)

-One trendy coloured sundress (these end up destroyed quickly anyway)

-A longer denim skirt (to the knee)

-A black pencil skirt

-Two brightly coloured cardigans, one navy cardigan, and one grey cardigan. I generally find grey easier to mix and match than brown or black.

-One dark and neutral blazer

-One light summer coat in a neutral colour

-Basic trench

-One beautiful winter coat in a warm wool (obviously if you live somewhere cold)

-One rain coat (belted if possible) with a hood. It took me a year and a half to find my actual rain coat (this
isn’t it, most of these clothes I don’t own) and is brown and belted.

-One bathing suit that isn’t too embarrassing to wear around

-One pair of fancier winter boots

-One pair of functional winter boots (blundstones, etc)

-Rubber boots

-Comfortable sandals (I have foot problems so I am impartial to birkenstocks. I own this pair)

-Brown leather flats

-Black leather flats

-Brightly coloured pair of flats

-A pair of comfortable flats like shoes.

-Leather backpack

-Smaller leather purse  in brown

-Smaller leather purse in black

-Clutch for going out

-Larger bag for travelling and such.

Due to the popularity of this post, I have decided to do a capsule for every season as they come up. The first season I am going to do this with is Summer

About Me

Hi! My name is Katrina Craig and i live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I moved so that i could attend a university for fashion and textiles.

I am currently employed as a production seamstress and screenprinter, and go to school full time at NSCAD University, I graduate in 2014 (It should have been 2013 but I extended my degree a year to take a smaller course load so I could work). I started this blog so that friends and family could keep in touch with what i'm up to so i don't have to email them pictures (sorry guys).

Sometimes I'll throw in some personal style blurbs or how to stuff, but in general its a lot of my school work or also personal projects (although these are few and far between except for the summer). I weave, print, dye, sew, knit, crochet, needle felt, spin wool... you name it if it has to do with fabric. I also draw and paint but not nearly as much in the last few years because school absorbs a lot of my time.

 I love to hear feedback and critiques of my work. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them in the comments thing below, or email me at:

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