Okay team, i have finally bitten the bullet and am posting about my Intermediate Fashion Studies Class. Basically all i do in it, is plan and execute a small line of three outfits and there is a show in December. these are from my sketchbook (i have almost a whole one at this point). I spontaneously became a better drawer after my fashion drawing class, yay! 

I should post inspiration as well, shouldn't I?

The style of my line is inspired by the movie (and books) A Series Of Unfortunate Events. The style of the movie is a mix of a modern application of historical silouettes and textiles. It gives a strange feel of not knowing exactly when the movie takes place. 

I have also been having fantastic dreams about birds. I wanted to take the feel of the above photos and incorperate feathers and birds.

Okay, so here are my drawings that span over nearly two months of planning. this is a fraction of them!

 roughing out colours
 historical dresses copied from a book

 natural dye samples to decide what colours i should dye my fabrics

 To Do list from last week. I am one of the PR people for the show. Time to call some shoe stores!
 some thumbnails of my final capes. I will also have shirts and high waisted double button pants, that aren't in my sketchbook but on my mood board in the studio!

Have a good day!

More Weaving

More Weaving! i made a scarf, and i'm very excited about it. i managed to tackle plaid. I really need to put up pictures from intermediate fashion studies!