99 Days in, NSCAD's Intermediate Fashion Show

So guys, guess what?!

and now I am going to post my work from the fashion show I was in.

I'll start with runway shots and finish with my portfolio!

Here are some runway shots. They are from http://digitalcitizen.ca  The models in order are Kristy Pitre, Lizane Tan and Erica Hopkins

Here is some portfolio work:

 This is the designer picture (some designers were modelling too, explaining the dress) 


  1. Everything looks awesome! I especially like the fabric dye pictures, it's as much science as it is art.

  2. Hi Katrina, Minh from Digital Citizen with the photos. Very nice work. Nice to know a bit more about it with some of your other documentation. Would love to hear more about the thoughts and work that went into your collection someday. Enjoy your time off and look forward to seeing more of your fashion work in future years.