Introduction to Weaving

Hello friends! its been such a long summer not doing projects! well, i am back after a lame four months of occasional posts of outfits i did on polyvore.

 I am only taking nine credits this semester, so i am taking introduction to weaving and a six credit intermediate fashion class (which i will post some stuff about soon). I have been waitlisted to weaving TWICE and finally got in this semester! these are my first three samples.

in case you cool kids didn't notice, my photos now have watermarks! itty bitty teenie tiny ones. so, please don't crop them off!

 ps: i usually leave my photos at their full resolution in case my computer crashes so that i still have my portfolio of work so that you guys can see details, so if you actually want to see something well, click and it will get HUGE

 This is the first thing i have ever made, ever.  its a moderately ugly wool scarf. we were supposed to experiment, and i found sparkle yarns... 

 more sparkle yarns, and ZIG ZAGS

and even more sparkle yarns. oh katrina. 

this is a stripe sample! its so much less ugly! attractive, even. it took me seven hours of effort to thread this loom and i nearly took a baseball bat to it, the cotton threads (all 240 of them) were tangled into a ball

 detail. no sparkly yarns :( 

 another detail. you can see my little boo boo in this one. 

 This one is the second part of the one above. they have the same warp (the part you thread on that is orange in both of them.

 we were asked to change the distance of the strings, so it made vertical stripes.

another detail! there is a rouge string hanging out here, but that's okay!

i'll have some fashion studies photos soon! my whole semester is planning a line, and there will be a FASHION SHOW!

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