Hello Fashion World

Hello everyone! welcome to my blog. I don't have a website so i am going to compile my work into this "blog" as well as things i am working on, and such things. i appreciate feedback and such :)

To start everyone off, i am going to show you a dress i made in my class "Fiber Fabric Fashion". Its a conceptual fashion class, based on creative thinking. This dress is made entirely out of recycled materials, and it was supposed to accentuate something about myself, so i accentuated my lack of height. 

I really liked the look of the ripped bags, they looked like flowers from a distance, and the hood made me resemble an onion...... but it is what it is. 

The whole dress was hot glued together. We made body forms of our bodies, so i created this dress on the body form. There is even a zipper hot glued onto the side. even though i sustained several hot glue burns, this dress was fun to make. 

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  1. I am having flash backs to that ridiculous peace tree made from fabric scraps... and the glue gun burns. :)
    I am so proud of you! What awesome creations! Please keep this blog thing going.
    I love it- and I'll be watching/living vicariously through you!
    Take care,
    (formerly Miss MacLellan)