Summer Essentials

For anyone out there who is unfortunate enough to sunburn severely, Sunscreen is definitely on your summer essentials list. On mine i have Coppertone Mousse (SPF 60), Olay sensitive skin moisturizer (SPF 15, i wear this all winter), and L'Oreal Mineral Foundation (SPF 19). Even if you're NOT a sun burner, SUNSCREEN IS VERY IMPORTANT AND SUNBURNS LEAD TO SKIN CANCER, WRINKLES AND UNSIGHTLY FRECKLING IN THE FUTURE, just to name a few. 

signs a mole may be cancerous: ABC 
Bigger than the eraser at the end of a pencil
Changes in colour or shape 

When looking for Sunscreen and Moisturizer, make sure it says either "non-comedogenic" or "won't clog pores".... so it won't clog your pores. I find mousse consistency of sunscreen looks better in higher SPFs and you can put makeup over it easily. Mineral foundation is usually SPF something, works well with sunscreen and looks light for summer. You should be using a shot glass of sunscreen on your whole body, and reapplying after an hour and a half of sun exposure (which is when the aerosol sunscreens are convenient) but really, putting it on in the first place will do more than you think.

As for summer clothes, i am a big floral fan. It makes me feel so festive and summery. i have those birkenstocks (so comfortable) and the hand made seriously beat up bag that looks pretty similar to that one. i wear skirts and dresses all summer, they are flattering than shorts on my body type, even though i found a pair of shorts that fit well last summer (and bought four pairs in different colours). 

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