My First Repeating Print!

so, i know my blog is basically just screenprinting, but draping is just boring unbleached cotton things, and developmental drawing I've been much to lazy to photograph the hundreds of drawings. i promise i will document some in the near future. This is my first repeating pattern. Its of a lamp! i know, its kind of a boring subject matter, but... its what i ended up doing.

I had to draw out my design on tracing paper. i used opaque ink to ink it in, the design is 10 inches by 20 inches. it involved a lot of grid paper and rulers and messing up. i originally had this whole thing twice, so it was a big square with four sets of the lamps.... 16 lamps total but it wouldn't fit on my screen. oops! from here, i emulsified my screen, which involves coating with photo emulsion, and then exposing the screen to light. The black lamps block the light and they wash out in a sink when you're done, creating a stencil.

the same lamps, close up, printed. in some places the ink wasn't thick enough so light passed through and made white spots. i don't know if i really mind it though, you can tell they were hand painted that way. i sort of like the natural feel though, if i wanted them all to be perfect i would have printed it off on a computer. 

this is my meter test print. from here, i have to pick a fabric and ink colour to print them in, and i am not sure, i like the idea of yellow background and red lamps, but that's sort of... ketchup and mustard/McDonalds. 

what colours should i use? i can't decide.

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