Some Polyvore Fun

Polyvore... a website that makes me wish i had more money to shop! i can wishfully think i had these things anyhow, and make fun outfits with them!

i've had an account on polyvore for quite some time, over three years. I didn't use it for about two years of that three, and it was interesting when i logged back in to see what i would have worn in the middle of highschool, and how it differs from what i would wear now. 

on a less silly note, i have just started my new semester! new classes, YAY! well i won't be saying yay by march, but that's life! right now i am taking..... baroque history, craft and design history, developmental drawing for fashion, fashion draping, and screen-printing. you should be seeing some work for the last three over the next while.

ALSO! i revamped the blog when i was bored one day, because it was ugly :)

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