Photoshoot Number Two

Our second photoshoot was a "draping" assignment, it involved wrapping a 3meter piece of fabric around our body forms until we had no ideas left. Then, we cut holes into the fabric, wrapped them around the body form, and then patched the holes with the piece that was cut out. When we found something we liked, we could use buttons, pins etc to hold it in place, then paint it. I painted mine with india ink (NOTE: india ink is not permanent. it will rub off on everything even when it dries). my original plan didn't work out, i realized i didn't attach it at the right place, so i had to change my idea at the last minute. oh well, here are some of the pictures. A few of them were taken by Stella Ducklow, a girl in my class; those ones have logos in the corner. This dress is a rectangle when its not folded.

the beautiful ink all over me

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